To answer some questions in your mind;

Samcat cat litter is made from natural Sodium Bentonite clay. This bentonite type does not contain soda additives. It has a completely natural clumping property. It contains fragrances made from natural ingredients and is not harmful to cats or cat owners. Activated Carbon is used to increase the ability to absorb bad odours

Cats are sensitive animals. For this reason, cats may react to the change, especially if you change from a different coloured cat litter or from an absorbent or crystalline cat litter to a clumping cat litter. This is quite normal. All you need to do is to mix the Samcat cat litter with the cat litter you are already using for a few days at the ning and give your cat time to get used to it. Some cats do not mind this, while others react to the slightest change. Samcat cat litter is designed with your cat's health and happiness in mind.

Cat litter cleaning is extremely easy with the Samcat cat litter selection. With cat litter that clumps and absorbs water well, you can clean it in a simple way. All you need for cat litter cleaning is a small cat litter shovel. With the cat litter shovel, you can easily get the clumping litter. When you clean the litter, if the litter is low, you will need to add new litter. You can completely empty the litter in the cat litter box, wash and dry the box well, then fill it with sand again and make it ready for use.