Cat Litter Exports to 15 Different Countries


The facility, which initially exported to 7 countries, now exports cat litter to 15 different countries from Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone.

The company, which produces 15 tons of cat litter per hour and 100 tons per day, continues its efforts to grow rapidly by exporting to 30 different countries as Samcat Cat Litters.


About Us

"Uztaş Bentonit Madencilik", which has been the pioneer of its sector in the field of excavation and logistics for many years, decided to invest in the field of mining after important works such as mineral transportation from mines. In our country, which is very rich in terms of bentonite mines, in addition to mine exports, cat litter produced with "bentonite mines" has also started to take part in the market. The quality of bentonite mined in Turkey is much higher than in other countries.

The high demand for cat litter made from bentonite mine abroad led the company to produce cat litter. The company has been producing cat litter in Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone since 2022. Dust-free, strong clumping, high liquid absorption capacity, high absorption, long-lasting use and does not stick to paws; Baby scented, Marseille soap, lavender scented, chamomile scented and carbonated 100% cat litter is produced in a 3500 m² closed area with a double sieve system designed with high technology. The facility also has activation and drying systems, which are essential for cat litter quality.